UI / UX Design

A solid digital experience is in the macro and micro details of the design.

Website Design

Your website is the first glimpse at your brand offering.

Graphic Design

Great design makes great experiences both online and offline.

Brand Identity Design

A brand is the soul of an experience. It is what people remember you by.

Custom Graphics

Catalogs, brochures, postcards, flyers, posters, booklets, and much more.


From candid shots to commercial and event photography.



Logo Design


Logo Design

Equilibru PSI

Logo Design

Dax Trade

Website Design


Website Design


Website Design

Complex Stejarul

Website Design

Kontiki Travel

Website Design


Logo Design

Honey Cosmetics

Logo Design

van Kroon

Website Design

On Rally

Logo Design

Butnaru & Hermenean

Logo Design

Aqua Materna

Logo Design

Franta 2000

Graphic Design

Medica Labor-Prax

Logo Design

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How it works

  • The Brief

    The process starts with us sitting down to discuss your project.
    I will ask you lots of questions in order to gain a clear understanding of your company / background, the project and your objectives and goals.

  • Planning

    I take all the information from our briefing and put together a quotation with a full specification that outlines exactly what solution I propose to meet your project's needs.

  • Prototype

    Once the specification has been agreed, I begin to explore the structure of your information and how best to present it to your users through various wireframe layouts and prototype / scenario testing.

  • The Design

    I take all the information from the previous steps and put it all together to create design visuals. I then develop these designs making alterations or amendments until you are happy.

  • The Build

    Once you are happy with the final design, I begin the build. Using standards compliant methods I create the agreed design concepts and integrate any features specified.

  • Testing / Launch

    The final result is put through various tests to check for usability, browser compatibility and performance before making live. Also once complete I am always here to help answer any questions or provide support if needed.